acupuncture-for-fertility-st-louis-acupuncture-fertilityAcupuncture and herbs clears Fallopian Obstruction Infertility.  Laser Acupuncture was used in a recent study to prevent gagging in children during dental X-Rays.  Herbal medicine injected into acupuncture points helped reduce cancer related fatigue.  These are the three studies we will look at in our Research Roundup for this week.

Acupuncture for Fertility

In this study there were two groups: one group of 100 women received acupuncture for fertility and herbal medicine and the other received standard western medical drugs which were also made up of 100 women.  In the acupuncture and herbal group, the effective rate was 90% and 10% had no relief of the obstructions.  In the medical group, the effective rate was 68% but 32% of the patients in the western drug group did not respond to care.

The women in the group who received acupuncture for fertility and herbal medicine achieved pregnancy 65% of the time versus only 38% of the women on western drugs  who got pregnant during the study.  The peak pregnancy date was around 3 months into the study

Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture for Fertility

What this Means to You:

Women who are looking to achieve a healthy pregnancy should consider acupuncture and herbs as well as western drugs.  Study after study show that women are more successful in getting pregnant and carrying a healthy baby to full term when using acupuncture and herbal medicine.  So, you can use acupuncture for fertility.

Laser Acupuncture Prevents Gagging in Children During Dental X-Rays

Two groups of children were studied in this paper.  One group received laser acupuncture at PC 6 and the other group received laser acupuncture at a dummy point.  Both groups of children has been determined to have an intense gag reflex.  The group of children who received the proper laser acupuncture did not gag nearly as much as the children who received dummy laser acupuncture during their dental X-Rays.

Acupuncture Point to Prevent Gagging

Acupuncture Point to Prevent Gagging

Who This Can Help:

Obviously, this can help little children who need to have dental x-rays.  Laser acupuncture is painless and easy to perform.  But, others who can benefit from this study are those undergoing chemotherapy and others who have extremely sensitive gag reflexes.  Using this point could be a Godsend.



Injected Herbal Medicine Fights Cancer Related Fatigue

This was a case report in which two patients with cancer related fatigue were injected with a 15% solution of ginseng.  The first patient had thymus cancer that spread to the lung and the second one had cervical cancer that spread to the lower spine and pelvic bones.

The first patient had the ginseng injected into the points near the spine in the upper back and the second patient had the solution injected into the points near the spine in the lower back.  Their fatigue scores improved and their blood work also improved.

How this can Help You:

Patients who have cancer can benefit from the report.  We have treated a number of cancer patients.  And, while we don’t claim to cure cancer (and we don’t claim we can cure cancer) we can help with the side effects of cancer treatment.

Our acupuncture treatments are powerful enough to prevent nausea, fatigue, nerve problems, vomiting and gagging that we don’t have to use the injected herbal medicines.

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Acupuncture for Fertility

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